Who we are

We are a group of licensed tour guides, tour leaders and passionates of art and history, especially of Tuscany. Our purpose is to share with you our love for this territory and to make your experience unique.

Ciao! I am Sílvia, licensed tour guide and tour leader in Italian, Spanish, English and Catalan. I have a degree in Art History that I earned in my city, Barcelona, where I worked in museums doing guided tours in many exhibitions. I immediately fell in love with Italian art and the city of Florence. I moved here seven years ago and my greatest delight has been starting this wonderful career. I have never stopped studying to increase my knowledge, I really love to study and I try to be updated with courses and readings, to enrich the tours and the service to my clients. Topics, here, are unlimited and I’m sure that you will find your customized tour and that it will be perfect to enjoy this unique city in the world. I love meeting new people, sharing experiences and I’ll be happy to be with you and to guide you during your discovery of Florence and Tuscany.


Hi, my name is Emanuela, and I am a licensed tour guide (Italian, English and German). My journey in this wonderful art world began some years ago.. in New York! I was in the US to improve my English in an American college, and there is where I started my Art studies! I later moved back to Florence where I could continue my Art studies in English, but also in Italian (my language!) and German. It was this great love for art, for learning and for Florence (and Tuscany), that led me into this beautiful world of the tour guides: the study of these places is a continuous inspiration for me, that is not limited to attending a course, but that constantly requires more updates, reading books (and I particularly love to surround myself with them, with consequently less and less space at home!), attending travels, tours and exhibitions. It is a continuous enrichment, and my desire as a guide is being able to pass down to others this great passion: the engaging history; the wonderful art, rich of meanings and symbols connected to the historical moment in which it was born; the life of extraordinary personalities that lived here, in these same places, a long, long time ago.. All this is our important and precious heritage.. and the roots of what we are, here and now!

Hi, my name is Eleonora and I am a licensed tour guide in Italian, Spanish and English. My school education has always been centered mainly on the study of foreign languages, but I discovered my passion for art and archeology since I was a teenager, when one of my teachers instilled all her love for these subjects in me. I then realized I did not want to abandon them anymore, and so I decided to continue these studies along with the “official” ones: first of all I attended the Tour Guide course; in the meanwhile I started to enhance these topics by myself, through readings, movies, documentaries, exhibitions, seminars and travels.

I have always lived near Florence, and I am deeply attached to this city and its surrounding area; they are the reason why I chose to become a tour guide, so that I can transmit to others all the beauty that these places have to offer.

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