About Florentiamo

We can all discover new cities, new roads, new landscapes; we can visit and walk in famous places that we know only through photos.

But if in this experience we let ourselves be helped and guided by someone who knows it, loves it and breathes it ... a world will truly open up! A world with a glorious past made of historical events, of anecdotes, of conspiracies, of loves, and of important personalities who have walked on this same land, and have worked to make this place unique. In this way, we too will learn to love it, to make it our own, and to take away a piece of it in our heart.

This is the experience we offer you: not just a holiday, and not just a classic tour, but entering into the soul of the place, and also seeing what is not always shown in the photographs; or see it .. but from a different perspective! We are talking about our city, Florence, the one we love and we want to offer you! The one that the Romans who founded it, called it Florentia. And so .. Florentiamo??


In Florentiamo we would like to share our beloved Florence and our beautiful Tuscany with you! We are waiting for you!